Hi, I’m Troy (McCall).

Depending on which url you’re visiting that might be overly obvious. So let’s get down to what I do.

I’m a 33 year-old dev-ops/backend engineer, systems admin, & security contractor.

I received my undergraduate Bachelor’s of Science in Computer Science, Mathematics, & Biology at: the University of North Carolina Charlotte & North Carolina State University.

I also studied Graduate Evolutionary Genomics / Bioinformatics at: North Carolina State University.

I specialize in network-system and web-app securities. I have worked on most every major web platform and technology: from custom J2EE Web Applications at Adecco, to .NET based Microsoft Technologies (SharePoint, MOSS, WSS) at Ingersoll Rand, to popular open source PHP and Node.js frameworks: including li3, Laravel, Socket.io, & Express in my current role at MODE. I’m passionate about open source technologies, automation, machine learning, artificial intelligence, data modeling, subgenres and coffee.

I also like Git, Golang & Vagrant, but have a love/hate relationship with Docker and Python. I also rarely write valid HTML, and have zero concept of what happens in the DOM (that’s what front-end devs are for, right?)

Mostly I’m going to write about automation and machine learning using: dotfiles, bash, node, and go.